11 January 2013

Smashed and Ground - Using Eggshells and Keeping Land Snails

I have prepared a special treat for my snailies this time - inspired by Girl on Bike and her post about using egg shells in the garden and also inspired by this book, I found my own way of dealing with used eggshells. The snails need a source of calcium for their shell to grow and be strong. I used to buy cuttlefish bones, but with the rate at which they consume these yummies, it did cost a bit of money now and then. So I started giving them ground eggshells that have been baked in the oven or microwaved for a while (to get rid of possible parasites) and mixing it into their food.

When the winter days are gloomy and dark and the atmosphere is bored and sleepy and unhappy, I tend to spend a few happy moments taking care of my pet snails (I have talked about them before). It is really satisfactory to see them burrying their little faces into the mix of apple-flavoured baby food mixed with ground eggshells.

Snails are nice to look at, interesting to get to know and as I also saw before, are quite inspiring and educational in the classroom for kids and adults of all ages. They are not furry, so are quite ideal for people with allergies. They are also really easy to keep and can survive for quite a long period of time without food or water, in their shells - perfect for people who are out of home a lot.

Only one in five snails managed to refuse this delicious mix
and went to have a slice of cucumber instead.
However, due to their invasive nature, giant African land snails are not allowed in certain countries (such as the US), but there are still many other smaller snail species available.

Some interesting links for you:

Giant African Land Snails (Achatina spp.) as Pets
Giant African Land Snail caresheet


  1. what an interesting pet, but difficult to walk, lol. I never looked at snails as a pet, but actually they would be perfect for my mentally challenged son. Thanks for the links.

  2. I don't know wether I think they are cute or gross! Though I do love that pictures of them eating... pretty amazing! So... where did you get these?

    Oh, and sorry I haven't been around for awhile... I have been getting ready for my move back to Austria... I will be back in Vienna in one month! Catching up on your blog now... I love it, and your bracelets are looking amazing!

  3. Debbi - they are slow and nice, easy to care for and all he would have to be careful about is not smashing them hard or trying to pick them up by holding the lip of the shell - that is the softest and thinnest part of the shell where they grow, that's all. Sometimes they do have parasites and die, but if you clean the tank and wash their food, they should be fine :)

    BRIT- havent seen you for AGES!! :) I was thinking about writing to you :) I got these from a friend who wanted to get rid of them. I had ten, but gave three to a school, where the biology teacher wanted to keep them in the classroom. I have to check your blog out as well...

    Thanks for comments and keep happy :)


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