07 January 2013

Winter Visit to the Cottage - Footsteps in the Snow

Compared to our autumn visit to the cottage, which was bright, sunny and lovely, this post-Christmas one was dark, cold and slightly snowy. I was not the least bit excited when we had to stop there on our way to our Hungarian Grandma, however, there were many animal tracks in the garden to occupy my mind for the amount of time that was necessary to spend there. While I am completely positive that the first tracks were made by a cat, the following tracks got me slightly confused and I identified them as squirrel later on. However, if there's any track-reading expert amongst you, I will be happy if you correct me. (I am sorry that the pictures are so dark, but in that weather, they were really the best I could do with my camera)

I never really liked being out during winter (except for a brief period of my life when I enjoyed skiing), but this puts a whole new perspective to winter time. Now I keep wondering whether making a plaster cast of animal footprint in the show is very different to making casts of prints in the soil.

Most likely a cat

Probably squirrel

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