26 January 2013

Good Evening, Snails!!

Not much is going on these days... It is even colder than before, the pond has frozen and it keeps snowing perfect hexagonal snowflakes that reflect the light of street lamps in the evenings. I prefer to spend my evenings at home, where I take care of my pets and plants and try to do a bit of reading (preferably frequently interrupted by episodes of How I Met Your Mother, The Simpsons and short bits of Pride and Prejudice).

I snapped these photos last night, when my biggest snail Jedi was just "getting up" from his all day long nap to enjoy a piece of crunchy lettuce and later interrupted my good night's sleep with his crunching :)

Jedi. He is not my oldest, but he is the biggest of all the snails that I have.
Scientifically, he is named Archachatina marginata cf. suturalis. His head
really is blue/grey as it appears in this photo.
I find that each of my snails has a specific way of resting during the day
and a special time when they come out to have a meal in the evening.


  1. I never heard of anyone having pet snails.

  2. Hello Silly Little Sheep ! Thanks for visiting my snail blog !
    These photos are really beautiful ! What a funny face on pic 1 !
    Sweet Posy Dreams, I have petsnails too :) They are great animals !

    I love margies :) Suturalis are beautiful with their pink columella =3

  3. Hello both of you!!
    Sweet Posy Dreams - they are not uncommon actually!! However, if you come from the US, then the giant African land snails are not allowed there for their invasive nature, but people keep all other sorts of snails. They make absolutely gorgeous companions though,just like any other invertebrates (I also have bugs, stick insects, leaf insects and a millipede). And kids of all ages love to look at them - I have taught biology lessons with snails and they were greatly appreciated.

    Dame Silu - I love your photos. I subscribed and I cannot wait for more posts. I find it very relaxing to watch my snails :) It is nice to see a fellow snail lover : )

    1. Thank you :) I really appreciate to meet new snail lovers too !!!
      Thank you for subscribing :) i subscribed to yours too :)

      have a wonderful day !

  4. That's so cool you have pet snails! Definitely not common in the US, but I remember in middle school for a science project we each got one and it was the coolest thing ever at ten years old haha

    Hope you're surviving the cold and enjoying How I Met Your Mother -best show ever!

  5. Hi Holly!! Thank you for being equally enthusiastic about snails as I am - these are actually prohibited in the US, ther eare no good east-towest barriers as mountains and so on, so there is a danger of the snails spreading to warmer climates where they could survive all year long - here they would freeze outside in winter. But there are many other smaller and also more colourful snails that people keep as pets... I might try to get some myself too.
    It is not only small kids - my uni classmates (24 years olds) were super excited when I showed them Jedi - he is bigger than my hand now :)


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