13 January 2013

UK Flashbacks - Eating out in Guilford

It has been a few weeks since I returned from my last trip to England, but it is only now that I am starting to feel the real symptoms of abstinence. I miss my man, I miss speaking English and mostly, I miss the feeling of being on holiday, going out for cups of tea and coffee, sightseeing and doing silly stuff.

During my stay, we visited one of the West Cornwall Pasty restaurants in Guilford and had a large Cornish Pasty each, with a pot of lovely Earl Grey tea to go with it. It was extremely delicious, so I really want to share. It was the first time that I went to West Cornwall Pasty, but if I ever have to pick a place to have lunch and WCP is near, I know exactly what it is going to be!

(The only trouble with it was that they did not have a toilet, or so they told me. With selling big pots of tea, I am not sure it is a good solution).

I know that many people say that the British cannot cook and I honestly do not know where these myths come from. I have a thing for certain British foods (pasties and pies for example) and then dislike others (such as Scotch broth and pork pies - bleh!), but to say that a whole nation cannot cook is a horrible overstatement.


  1. I agree that particular brand of Scotch Broth was a bit rough - but Pork Pies are AWESOME!!! I got up Snowdon and did two freedives on a pork pie and a couple of Chorley Cakes last year!!! :)))

  2. And now I really really want a big pasty....!! :D

  3. I am not saying they are not full of energy...


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