28 April 2014

Colourful Weekend

Sunshine, April storms, walking in the park, drinking a little-too-yellow lemonade, eating snacks, healthy and unhealthy alike, with some Easter leftovers from Mummy, decorated by bracelets, both old and new, surrounded by little green caterpillars climbing the leaves of grass, falling onto us from the trees, crawling through our backpack, tangled in our hair... And also displaying our terrible badminton playing skills in public spaces, then blaming it on the sunshine, too strong wind or too low quality of super cheap supermarket impulse-bought equipment. Then coming home and sleeping until ten a.m. and through most of Sunday while watching the lake scene from Tangled about a thousand times and listening to Birdy and torturing the inhabitants of the house by my whiney version of "People Help the People". What a great weekend this has been!

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