26 April 2014

Friday Night Beading

A good friend of mine took me out yesterday, for a "Holešovice Fashion Market", which was full of really nicely dressed people, artists selling their quite expensive, but beautiful and one of a kind clothes and earrings and toys and so on, with a DJ and some food and drink stands, really nice thing in the ugly old halls of Holešovice Town Market in Prague.
Having worn jeans and a simple striped t-shirt (H&M) with my sporty backpack stuffed with school things I need to do during the weekend, I really didn't look like a fashion fan, but when I saw all those people who were fashion fans, it made me want to prettify myself, too. So we bought some earrings :) And of course, seeing all those nice things sparked up some ideas in my head, so I made a simple set of crystal-clear bracelets and a necklace/bracelet to wear to work to make me look a bit more nice and serious :) 
What do you think?


  1. I see so many people with pretty accessories and it really makes me want to pretty myself up too sometimes! I love crystal clear jewelry, I think it's so underrated but really cute.

    1. I tend to make things and then not wear them, but sometimes I just am in the mood for little something :) And clear things can be combined with almost anything!


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