05 April 2014

The Educational Purpose

I had a magnificent girl time at IKEA in Prague-Zličín, where we had very early lunch, then headed to have a look around the top floor, then went back to cafeteria to have coffee, tea and cake and then wandered around the ground floor. My shopping bad was getting pretty heavy by the time we reached the cash desk and the realization that I do NOT have my credit card with me kind of stirred things up a bit, but thanks to my lovely friend, who lent me money, I could buy all these toy fruits and vegetables. For educational purposes, of course (and not for the half hour that I have just spent playing with them on the floor, putting them into baskets and arranging them nicely along with my other plush toys. The lettuce leaves come off and I can feed them to my IKEA rat !!!).

I am taking these to school, because my tiniest pupils ( seven years old ) love using toys during EFL lessons. We always have colourful balls or other little plushies that I carry around in the basket and we start the lesson with a greeting and then I throw a toy to each of them (some days they can choose which one they want). Then we continue by saying "My toy is blue" and "It is big" or "It is small" and so on. In case of snakes and similar items we also say "It is long" or "It is short". 

Last week, we talked about fruits and veggies and making salads, this week we will talk about fish, meat, eggs and making sandwiches. As my man would say: "All good fun!" : )

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