22 April 2014

Enjoyable Rubbishness

You know, after all that Easter overeating and sleeping too much, coming back home where there was a mess and nothing really good to eat was a bit of an eye-opener :-D And then I promised myself to go to freediving training tonight, and yet here I am, with some green tea in my outdoor travel thermo mug, and cake in my belly, because "Ewww, it's raining, I don't wanna go out!

Yes, this is me right now, but I am wearing a sports top to make me feel sporty and the aforementioned outdoor mug makes me feel like I am a bit outdoors (thinking of all the camping and field trips and sleeping over at the uni during my studies). And the rainy evening rewarded me for my laziness with a wonderful rainbow, which I would certainly miss if I were swimming in the pool right now.

Also the view from my window and the wisteria plants in the garden look even prettier in the rain and late evening sunshine...

Say what you must, because I deserve it, but being lazy is really nice. It's one of my favourite things to do : )


  1. Haha, I love your outlook on life. Wearing sports clothes can make one feel so virtuous and deserving of cake ;)

    1. Oh yes, that is the only part of sport I do right now, wearing sports clothes :D I cannot believe I even went to competitions in the past!!


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