11 August 2012


This week has been very productive in terms of weaving - I finished these two friendship bracelets which are both available for sale now (see the pink one here and the yellow one here or in the SHOP section of this blog). While writing my thesis, weaving bracelets was a great way to relax during the little breaks that I took... And it is also a great way to change the abundant twitches of nervousness into something actually pretty... But I still keep the beading and needle-felting supplies packed far away from me, because with those nearby I would get no work done at all!! :)


  1. Beautiful work! I have two sad looking bracelets I can't seem to finish.... it seems I go though knotting mood swings.

  2. That is perfectly normal. I have days when I go shopping for thread and sit at home like a mad thing putting the colours together and choosing the patterns, then knotting a centimeter of each and letting it be. I have a shoebox full of unfinished bracelets. Thhey lie there for months and when I have some exam period or something, I take them out, study for a while, then knot, then study... And suddenly they get finished! :D So I am going through a phase like that. I even started crocheting today. Anything is better than studying biogeography :D


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