14 August 2012

The "new place"

I have moved into a different flat at the beginning of August. Moving brought a LOT of totally silly and not very convient moments. I decided to pack in steps, taking one suitcase to the place daily and practically living in two different places at the same time for two weeks. In some situations, I thought I really should have planned this move better (It is not very funny when you find out that while you spent the night in one place, your clean underwear slept twenty-five kilometers away). Although this place is only at the other side of the city, it felt like moving to the end of the world.

And in some ways it really is the end of the world! It is quiet here, there is the tiniest post office (with the   s l o w e s t  ladies working there too), a nice pond, fields just behind the street where I live and apart from a little supermarket (a bit more expensive than the ones in the centre), there are not many ways to waste money. The Internet is also    s u p e r   s l o w   and sometimes I am happy to get my email loaded. Watching videos on youtube is nearly impossible and downloading anything larger than a photo is impossible. Which means that all the work computer stuff will be done away from home and then home is for resting. And that's exactly how it should be!
Sun shines in in the afternoon and I can sit by the open window and listen to the buzz of the garden and sounds of the street and a few houses down the street there is a very old lady who always says hi and then complains about the lack of rain and what a bad influence it has on her garden.

Plus - I have a pink carpet. I haven’t had a pink carpet since I was about five.

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