21 August 2012

Enlightened by the setting sun

The late afternoon pleasures of living in a west-facing room

One of my praying mantises Sphodromantis lineola
lineola out on a walk around the Ficus plant.
She was vey clever and managed to catch a huge fly.
Aloe plant that my Grandma has tortured by
overwatering, now happily growing in its
dry and sunny spot.
Detail of a leaf of my avocado plant. 


  1. Lovely pics! My workshop faces west (sort of..), and I often get some very interesting light in the late afternoon. But I'm usually too busy to be taking photographs! :)

  2. That's a wonderful photo of the praying mantis -- they are amazing insects!

  3. I am glad you think so, Sarah! Most people find them disgusting or scary. I have three at home now and some stick and leaf insects and bugs as well. They are gorgeous.

  4. I love your blog. I found you on Bloggin Buddies. I am now following you.



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