14 August 2012

Right. I'm off to feed the ...

ducks      fish     RATS!


From what I saw before at the local pond, lots of people come to feed the ducks with their children, but compared to the fish, the ducks barely stand a chance. Unless you throw the bread right in front of them, they will not get to it. There are huge carp in the pond and thez sweep everything that is on the surface.

Many times when I was there, I had a feeling that something was rolling into the water - the sh-sh-shh sound of it falling through the dry grass and then a "blub"sound of it falling into the water. I wondered what it could be and today I got to know. It was not rolling, it was walking! And it was not a rock, not a fallen-down fruit ... but an ordinary brown rat! So I took a piece of dry bread I brought for the ducks/fish and threw it in its direction. It came, took it and swam away with it, quite skillfully. Later on, more arrived and eventually there were four of them - two big ones and two small and all were swimming and running through the grass on the bank... I managed to snap a picture of one (very blurry) before the battery in my camera died, but I swear I will go back tomorrow and get some better shots! I know they are pests and transmit diseases and everything... But they did look pretty running around the lake, in nature and in the evening light...


  1. Awwww - your pond looks so nice! :)))

  2. Today the fish were big enough to take down a duck, I swear!!! And they got quite sharky after they realized there is some food around :)


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