02 November 2009

Beadmaking process photo guide

As I already mentioned, I made some FIMO polymer clay beads last week. Now I'd like to share an easy technique for beadmaking with some pictured that I have taken last Wednesday. I found it on the Internet myself, but I think it is so great, that I want to spread it further :)

First I had to make a cane, so I mixed different colours of FIMO to create different shades of green, the lightest colour in the middle, but you can use any colours you choose.

Then I rolled the cane and created differently thin cuts that I put together like in the picture above...

... and rolled them again to make them join together. After that, all you need to do is slice the cane and stick the little slices on a ball of FIMO (this can be a differently coloured waste material from some of your previous beadmaking) and roll it again to make it join together.
Then punch a hole and let them bake in the oven for half an hour and the beads are finished!
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