27 April 2019

She's Finally Here!

She has the tiniest hands and biggest blue eyes in the world. She has a lot of hair and doesn’t like wearing hats. She likes being outside but always cries on the allotment. She likes people and smiles in her sleep. Like her Mum, she doesn't have a nice passport photo. She loves cuddles and has the most heart breaking cry I ever heard. Our little girl has finally arrived, four days later than she was expected. It is hard to believe that she is almost seven weeks now, that is how much I have been enjoying my time with her.

How can a person be so tiny?

The birth itself was an intense experience on so many different levels – physical (pain, oh the PAIN!!!), emotional (so much love and gratefulness – for her, for my husband, for every single good thing in my life, no matter how small) and even professional (they let me touch the placenta, woo-hoo!).

Even before she was born she has changed so many things. I never thought you could love a bump but I did. I loved how she was a part of me, the mixture of both of us and yet a very defined person of her own, moving, growing and developing independently.

So after two days in hospital we brought our little bundle home and I haven’t been away from her since (except for one short walk in the park when hubby stayed at home with her). She is even right here with me now as I am writing, wrapped up in a sling on my front, making little sounds and trying hard to fight sleep but her eyelids seem too heavy somehow…

Every day she seems to get bigger and cleverer as she discovers the amazing world and all the things in it that we so often consider ordinary. I can’t wait to take her swimming, show her off to all my friends, sow Nasturtiums and Calendulas and sunflowers with her and watch them grow, take Rocket for walks, go to the library, cook her spaghetti, take her on holiday, build a den and so much more. Life is one big adventure!
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