28 July 2015


Anything regarding the apple tree is not really my achievement to boast about, but I love watching the tree and the growing fruit so much that I thought I'd give it a bit of space on my blog. The tree is simply there and every year it does its thing. This year it blossomed beautifully in spring and now the fruits are developing in huge numbers and some are already the proper size of a handful. The bees and hoverflies have clearly done a good job pollinating this year.

Still, quite many apples end up on the ground, for whatever reason. I love going around and picking them to put them into compost.

Squirrels are having their share too, based on the teethmarks and I am wondering whether they pick them off the tree or just nibble on the ones that are already fallen. Knowing our squirrels the first option is probably the case.

25 July 2015


I am so happy to see these amazing insects back in the garden. We have at least two species, the most noticeable difference is the size. The one in the picture is the bigger one. When the sun is setting and the garden gets slightly shady, you can just stand there and watch them hover in the air. It is quite amazing to see them.
Being very important pollinators and also on decline, I am glad that they are here again. Last year there were some larvae in our barrel of nettle fertiliser and I am hoping that this year we will see some as well (no success so far though).

23 July 2015

Summer Is Here!

Summer has been here for quite some time, of course, but now with the end of academic year, the proper summer begins for me. It was tough saying goodbye to all the lovely people who helped me and took care of me for the whole past year (unstoppable facial waterworks) but missing my old job was fairly quickly replaced by freaking out about my new job in September. I guess I just have to prepare a bit, read lots and practice letting go a bit.

However, I am really happy that I will get to spend some time with my family here, travel back to m homelands and spend some time with my friends and family there. The time here will be pretty amazing as well, as the weather is lovely and the garden is growing and looking quite nice. Lots of teeny tiny harvests are happening now, like the following.

Red Duke of York potatoes

Above are the Red Duke of York potatoes, which I harvested last week. They are a lovely colour. There are still some in the soil, but I did not want to disturb the roots of maincrop potatoes which are nearby, so I will get them all together.

Climbing peas "Alderman"
Growing peas has been very difficult this year, first becase of too much water, then because of too little of it. However, there are a couple of tasty pods every now and then, which makes me really happy.

09 July 2015

My Little Friend

About a month ago, I was digging one of the vegetable patches, when I heard a little thud, as if something hit the side of the shed. I looked around and... nothing. A moment later - the same noise. So I looked around and suddenly, on top of my composter, there sat a little brown bird with creamy white belly and breast slightly streaked with light orange. A baby robin.

Ever since then, whenever I was out, he was there, watching me, coming as close as 30 centimetres.

He sat right above me in the apple tree and curiously tilted his head from one side to another, watching what I will do.

He is particularly happy when I dig, hopping around and turning little bits of soil, looking for little living snacks.

Sometimes I lay out the little earthworms for him to munch on.

However, I do like my earthworms too, as they are good for the garden.It is a little dilemma - feed the friendly bird or eep them to make my soil better? The robin does not understand this. He will eat worms that are as long as himself, although sometimes he gets scared :) 

He is also getting more and more orange feathers as the time goes on. I also overheard the neighbours speaking about him, so I am assuming he is making friends elsewhere,too.
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