31 March 2012

Farmers‘ markets season starting again in Prague

Farmers‘ markets are getting increasingly popular in Prague recently and this year‘s season has just started last Saturday - a really hot and sunny day.
I love these markets and in fact me and my friend help to sell marinated cheeses and pickled sausages made by people with mental impairments. It‘s a job where you get to be outside, meet random people with their kids and dogs and friends, earn some little money, support a good project and local producers – and maybe the best of it – eat and drink really good things in a relaxed atmosphere! If you are planning to visit Prague this summer, make sure to check the nearest square during the weekend to get some really good breakfast or lunch!

Spring, spring, spring...

This year's spring has come very suddenly and as if out of nowhere. Lots of tiny flowers covered the lawns in my favourite botanical garden in Prague and I am really happy to say that I have enjoyed their short-lived beauty very much, walking around, taking photos to share here with you or sitting on a wooden bench reading a book or discussing some life-important matter with my friend in there. This is a place where I made my first year university timetable, went for dates, had lunches or read literature for my thesis, went for walks when I felt blue, even gave a few English lessons and it is very close to my heart.

I think it is sad that there are days when we are too consumed by work or worries that we do not have the time spend a few moments somewhere nice to look around with open eyes and appreciate the beautiful little living things around us, the grassiness of the landscape, the variety of shapes and colours and the smell of fresh air, when it can improve our mood so much.
Even though there already is so much nice to see, some parts of the garden are still asleep, resting and taking their time to amaze us in summer.

04 March 2012

Spring is here!

At least indoors.
I am spending this weekend at my parents' place in Slovakia, which is approximately 9 hours by bus away from my "home" in Prague. The weather turned sunny and even though it is still a bit cold outside, the bulb plants inside are already alive and in bloom.

I watched this particular Hyacinth plant open its flowers, one after another, all day yesterday and it filled my room with its strong scent.

We live in a quiet part of the town and what could be nicer than writing something or reading a book with open window, listening to a few birds singing outside, while the wind occasionally brings the flowery scent into your nose?

Happy Birthday, Silly Sheep !

So, on 20th February it was my 24th birthday. Nothing is changed, except that I have finally realized that I am too old for Bravo magazine (nothing that I would not already know, but now I have it confirmed :-b ).
This year I did not throw a party or expect presents, however, lots of people wished me a happy birthday, I got some sweets and some cards and a really cute moment came up when my old friend from school came for a visit. We agreed to bake some cupcakes together and just before we started, she took the tiny little brithday candles out of her bag. Obviously we needed 24, but there were only 12 candle holders. My friend commented on that "They probably didn't expected that such an old goat would want candles on her cake" - thanks, thanks for that!! :DD In the end we used some old airplane candle holders from another cake and just used the rest without holders. Wax was everywhere anyway, but at least it was fun. And of course I cannot say what I wished for, but it was something very very important ; -)
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