25 May 2013

Sunny Saturday

One of the three pumpkin plants that we planted last Saturday.

Last Saturday turned out to be a nice and sunny day in Woking, UK, so we finally planted the "Mammoth" pumpkins that my boyfriend grew so patiently, into the garden near some bushes.
For weeks I kept listening to his talks about his pumpkins, he sent me pictures and asked questions and reported how he was putting them out during the day and in during the cold nights and how they grew a bit every time he came to look at them. It is nice to see a grown-up man behave like a kindergartener who just discovered soil and seeds :)
And because gardening is highly contagious and one type of vegetable is never enough, there are little carrots and spring onions quietly growing their first little leaves in the corner of the garden too.

Carrots and spring onions are doing well too!

21 May 2013

Rainy Walk

The warmer it gets outside, the more I feel the need to get out of the house and just be outside - walking, gardening or just exploring the surroundings. This time I decided to go for a walk right after a proper rainfall, just to have a look if there were any snails around. And - mission successful!!! The snails were out in great numbers, crawling everywhere - in the gardens, on the pavements, walls, fences and trees. I walked a few kilometers and wandered to places where I never went before. It was exciting.

Pictures were taken, mind refreshed, body exercised and soul happy. The only part of me that really suffered were my hiking boots : )

01 May 2013

Redecorating the Snail Tank

I have been putting this off for way too long, in a hope that I might be moving somewhere else this summer and therefore have to use the box and make snails travel in something smaller. But as it seems, I am staying where I am at least until September, so I decided to clean the snail tank (my 120 l plastic box from IKEA), replace the lignocel and add some snaily fun stuff, according to this perfect blog post from snailsandslugs.wordpress.com .

They got some fresh lettuce leaves, cucumber and ground eggshells mixed into fruity baby food and some moss, pieces of wood and lots of dry oak leaves from our garden. Guess which of these was the first thing they crawled onto and started crunching?

This picture might serve as a little hint :)
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