19 October 2015

Beginnings of Autumn

The last couple of weeks have been so full of work that I have barely had the time to appreciate this wonderful season of autumn that has come upon us. Morning chills and mists, scarves and warm coats, waking up in the dark and reading on the bus to work in an early morning twilight.

Some days are grim, yes, and I am busy, yes, but there is always a little bit of time to appreciate the little things in life that make me comfy and happy. The nice woolly jumper that I wear in the evenings to keep me warm, the soft lighting in our bathroom, going out to have late breakfast on Saturday mornings and sipping a flavoured latte whilst discussing the events of the previous and following week or just sitting in front of the computer screen reading other people’s blog posts whilst stuffing my face with boršč soup and nice dense bread.

We had some friends visiting earlier this month and even though it was incredibly hard to fit everything into our busy schedules, I am incredibly happy for those couple of days that showed me that friendships can still thrive even when you're hundreds of miles away from people.

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