18 January 2015

Wellie Selfies

I had some fun taking wellie-selfies in the garden yesterday. They are one of my favourite Christmas presents this year and it is only now that I realize how boring and old I must sound to my students during the "What did you get for Christmas?" discussions at school. I really DO love my new wellies though.

13 January 2015

Back After Christmas

Hello again!! I had a little blogging break before and after Christmas. I enjoyed the break, the cups of tea, the baking, the reading, the decorating ... also the frost and the December gardening, watching the squirrels on the bird feeder and traveling to Slovakia for New Year and then back again. 

Now we are back at work, enjoying the routine and the people again. Right now, at about half past ten in the evening, we have just finished watching a film about living in tiny houses (called "Tiny"), sharing the last bits of gingerbread. It feels good to be at home again. I love our simple little life. 
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