29 May 2015

Click Beetle in the Garden

Just a few days ago I was delighted to spot this beetle in the garden, walking on the lid of one of the composters. There were two more on the soil later. I like all creepy crawlies, but these were special, because I knew what thez were (I had to look up the name in English though - click beetle, snapping beetle or skipjack). Just to be sure, I had to try whether it will click and jump... and it did :)

27 May 2015

Queen of the Night Tulips

Our queens of the night are out. I always wanted these lovely tulips because of their stunning colour. Now they are here (to be honest, their time is almost over, these pictures have been taken a while ago) and they are amazing.

My original idea was to put them in contrast with smaller gently pink dwarf tulips which I bought, but come flowering time they turned out to be yellow!! I guess the supermarkets are entitled to a certain amount of labelling mistakes :) The light blue forget-me-nots work as a brilliant background, don't you think?

18 May 2015

Simple Thoughts

Gardening is one of the very few things in this world that makes me think simple thoughts. When I am in the garden, I get quiet, thoughtful and observant. My mind wonders, but does not exaggerate or overthink. Everything is simple. Slugs eat seedlings. Brambles pop out where they shouldn't. Squirrels eat the bird food. Trees grow.

I find myself asking very plain questions. Are the bees out yet? Is it warm enough to plant beans?
My water supply is running low. Will it rain soon? And then it rains and the water barrels are full and I am happy.  I may sound like a crazy hippie, but it's lovely :)

12 May 2015

Sunny Splat

Just when I thought I have shown you everything I found this! Lovely pictures of the "sun" that I made for my niece, some time after I made the first wormie.

10 May 2015

Unearthing Old Pictures: Wormie

I was just making some room on my camera memory card, when I stumbled upon these pictures. I cannot believe I did not share them yet, because this is where it all started!!

This is the first toy that I made for my niece, I call it WORMIE and it was the toy from me that she had before we even met. This is the simplest (and most horribly made) first crocheted toy that I made, the prototype for the latter long and colourful wormie and snakie. I have made many toys since then, but little wormie will always stay in the family :)

04 May 2015

Apple Blossoms

No words needed... 

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