25 February 2019


✿ Last week I turned thirty-one. A couple of years ago that number would have freaked me out. This year I just let myself enjoy some family time - sleepover with my niece and family lunch out. One of my birthday cards included a twenty pound note, so I treated myself to some double primulas in a lovely shade of orange. 

✿ They lived on my windowsill for a couple of days but now they are decorating a freshly weeded corner on my allotment.From what I have read the double primroses are supposed to be much harder to grow than single ones, although it seems that this refers to their reproduction rather than just pure keeping them alive. 

Do you have any experience with growing double primulas? 
✿Are they as difficult as the internet claims they are?✿
Let me know, I'd love to hear from you.
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