15 January 2012

Filling the "Friendship bracelets" section

I am always very envious of those Etsy sellers who have lots of sales. I would love to wake up every morning and see that more money has come to my PayPal account, to pack my orders every night and make a trip to the post office twice a week, but right now, I can only wish for it.
However, I am aware of the fact that this is entirely my fault and therefore I decided to give myself a little job to do this weekend - to take photographs of those bracelets that I have made, but have not listed yet.
Well, what can be more wonderful than sitting at home all weekend, drinking hot green tea, eating lasagna, baking apple crumble pie and taking photos of friendship bracelets while listening to Anne of the Green Gables on TV?
I had a great time and the "Friendship bracelets" section is getting full nicely, which makes me feel very good :)

08 January 2012

The stamping frenzy!

One of my most recent activities is excessive stamping. None of this would have happened if I didnt get these awesome and silly sheep stamps for Christmas. In fact, they are so awesome that they have covered almost every single sheet of paper in my room now plus these stickers that will now come on every single Silly Little Sheep package that I send out.
Oh, I love being silly!!!

06 January 2012

Have you met Edwin?

Hello!! This is Edwin – the newest addition to my home collection of plants. We bought him in a glass house of the botanical garden belonging to the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Charles University in Prague.
I am not sure where the habbit of naming plants came from, probably when I was about 15 years old and went to a succulent and cacti exhibition and bought my first Lithops that one of my friends named Agatha. Since then, I had a venus fly trap called Gertruda and many others.
Edwin is the first plantie of this year. His scientific name is Hydnophytum. In nature, Edwin's relatives live as epiphytes (onother plants) in sybiosis with ants, which find homes in their stems. The ants protect the plant from parasites and herbivores and fertilise it with their waste and leftovers in return. It is a very clever relationship. I hope Edwin will have a great time and a verygood life at my place. ;-)
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