05 March 2019

Bumpy Allotment Visits

Today it has been two weeks since I have passed my practical driving test and with lots of encouragement from my husband I have been brave enough to drive my little red car, proudly displaying the magnetic P (probationary) plates. Of course, my first journey was to the allotment. I love the fact that I can just pack a lot of stuff in the car and take it right to the plot.

A perfect day to take the bump out for a bit of fresh air.

Last time I visited the plot and did some proper work was in November when I cleared out the insides of the cold frame, which is where my tomatoes were growing last summer. They have gone a bit wild and the bed became a haven for many weeds. So I took the glass out, moved the frame away and cleared the bed underneath. I have also cardboard mulched it and am planning to use it as a seedling starting site this spring.

The cold frame before and after. The plants on the left are self-seeded forget-me-nots. Great tortoise feed and pretty flowers for me and for the bees)

As we had a couple of unseasonably warm days (17°C in February!), I went back a few times and did little bits and pieces. Amongst them was cleaning the little patio in front of my shed and sifting through some compost.

The patio before and after.

I am slowly weeding the other neglected beds (and expecting a lot of volunteer tomatoes!), but as it goes with big pregnant bumps, I needed to rest frequently (thanks be to anyone who invented folding camping chairs). Cup of tea and a creme egg got me right back into it!


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